Platforms / APIs

Package of solutions for mobile interactivity.
Take control of your mobile products, via web and real-time. Track conversions of your campaigns and gauge their performances.

You will see, makes all the difference to use our platform and APIs.

Text Alerts

For those who think Text Alerts is in the past, it is because they never got to manage with high performance. Imagine your offer with an intelligent content module, configuration of keyword campaigns, web templates, online reports of conversion, and consolidated BI. In addition, the financial module with automatic revenue calculation.


Quiz / Voting / Polls

Intelligent and configurable processes, with backoffice management and features such as randomization of questions per user, daily, weekly and monthly ranking. These are some of the features from our Voting tool.


SMS Promotions

Supports generation, import and validation of promotional coupons. There are countless online and consolidated reports with all possible statistics. There are also APIs for external requests, validation and integration of participants. In addition, our software is fully auditable and adapted to all main promotional rules.


Events, TV shows, cultural competition, mobile marketing? Whatever the need is, our tool for teletext reaches. Totally web-based and with multiple protocols for exporting the incoming messages (TXT, XML, API, FTP, WebService). Again, it makes all the difference.

Carrier Lookup API

Simple API to give you information about portability. You can find more info on our Carrier Lookup website.

Billing Integration API

We already have integration with all mobile carriers and integrators in Brazil. Do you need Billing integration? We have it.

Top up / Recharge

Using our APIs, you can add credits in any pre-paid mobile number in Brazil. The fund values to top up are pre-fixed by each carrier.

On-line Platform

Get in touch with SORTE7 and get impressed with our platforms. It makes all the difference.